First Attempt At ‘Life’ Drawing

It was suggested that I partake in a life drawing class to loosen up my sketching. Unable to attend a class at this time I found some online life drawing videos. (Croquis Cafe) Today was my very first experience with figure drawing. Below is the progression of my drawings. (Did not pause any of the poses.) I surprised myself with the last sketch of the five minute pose. I know this is not as educational as the real thing but it will have to do for now. It is said that a knowledge of human anatomy is helpful. The only anatomies I am familiar with are those of annelids, amphibians, fish, birds and felines which I studied in high school, uni and work. 🙃

‘Bells of Blue’ (2018)

Yesterday our Astoria Draw group met at Paradise Productions in Astoria ( for our fortnightly sketching gathering. Some took advantage of the fabulous view of the Columbia River with its large anchored cargo ships and pilings and others choose subjects inside the gallery. Knowing that most would draw views of the river I walked several blocks away and found these flowers next to the curb. Something different. Tried to make it pop more than my previous sketches.

Ship’s Wheel

Survived my first trial of sketching in the wild and the following critique. Spent two hours at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria with a drawing group. My choice of subject was poor. Poor lighting and kids kept turning the wheel. Wheels shape and angle need work. Have a lot to learn. New location in two weeks. Had fun.