‘Electric Zebra’ Series One, Two, Three (2018)

33B4A882-C8E2-4B10-83F5-29F7DAB5F3F71922486C-68B0-4FC2-BA7A-47E9DC2ACB44916770B3-0851-4AA8-8A7E-F5151E21E41BCreated and manipulated in Procreate 4 on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Changing the hue, saturation, brightness and color balance gave me quite a few options. Two by two arrangement created in Diptic app.

Barren’ Evolution (2018)

Created on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. First drawn in black and white then colored in the WorkVisual app. (1 & 2) Enhanced in Procreate 4. (3) Manipulated twice in the Affinity Photo app. (4 & 5)