‘Last Stand'(2018)


So called progress on an overworked sketch from two weeks ago. Done on the Fort to Sea Trail in Warrenton, Oregon. The day’s work was critiqued as having a split personality. The following attempt to improve the sketch show how to overwork a piece and not knowing when to say it’s done. Guess I’ll call it ‘Last Stand’. Think the dead trees are the remains of the huge storm of December 2007 that crippled the area.

‘Bells of Blue’ (2018)

Yesterday our Astoria Draw group met at Paradise Productions in Astoria (http://www.chrisbryant.net/) for our fortnightly sketching gathering. Some took advantage of the fabulous view of the Columbia River with its large anchored cargo ships and pilings and others choose subjects inside the gallery. Knowing that most would draw views of the river I walked several blocks away and found these flowers next to the curb. Something different. Tried to make it pop more than my previous sketches.