‘Pear Orchard One’

Since 2010 I have collected many drawing/art apps (probably too many) for use on the three different iPads I have purchased. I have used pears as a common subject to compare the various apps. Why? I find the pear interesting and fairly easy to draw quickly. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages. I am not comparing the apps here just presenting my sketches.

Over this period I have used the Pencil by 53, the original Sensu stylus, various inexpensive styli and now the Apple Pencil. I am searching for old sketches and still trying out other drawing apps. Hopefully I will post another orchard or individual sketches.

‘Banana And Friends’ (2018)


Still life sketch made with Pilot Color Eno 0.7 mm mechanical pencils blended with Zest-it Pencil Blend solvent. It is said “publish (post) or perish”. After two days it is time to post this piece before it ends up in the dustbin. I over did the shadows among other things and drew a blank on the background. So post or the sketch dies.  (8.5″ x 11″)