‘Pear Orchard One’

Since 2010 I have collected many drawing/art apps (probably too many) for use on the three different iPads I have purchased. I have used pears as a common subject to compare the various apps. Why? I find the pear interesting and fairly easy to draw quickly. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages. I am not comparing the apps here just presenting my sketches.

Over this period I have used the Pencil by 53, the original Sensu stylus, various inexpensive styli and now the Apple Pencil. I am searching for old sketches and still trying out other drawing apps. Hopefully I will post another orchard or individual sketches.



A366A02B-31DA-441A-9CE5-543571EF96BCBenjamin the last known Thylacine in captivity died on this day in 1936. An very sad day in the annals of human wildlife interaction. Hopefully there is an undiscovered breeding population of the Tasmanian tiger still in existence. A favorite animal of mine.
Hand drawn in the old Procreate app on an earlier iPad model. Work in progress. https://youtu.be/6vqCCI1ZF7o