I suppose I should explain why this blog. I abandoned WordPress about five years ago to explore other social media avenues. I tried Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Blogspot, Diaspora, Instagram and Ello. Why? Social media was/is the big thing? Because so many others were doing so? Share my art, photography, writings with complete strangers? Possibly my family? I have forgotten the original intent. Since I have returned to WordPress there must some attraction to its societal aspect. We are social animals.

I found the first three ‘organisms’ failures. Facebook and Twitter truly tainted and Google Plus too cumbersome. Tumblr too busy. Diaspora apparently passed away as did my dogs who barked on Blogspot. Instagram was/is easiest to share with family. Ello started out as a fantastic stage for artists of all stripes but has recently become infiltrated by Russian (?) based porn spam. Will see what occurs here with WordPress. I have returned to WordPress to hopefully continue my quest, I guess, to share my maladroit creations. I am hoping it doesn’t become a time thief like the others. In my attempt to merge two of my WP blogs I copied and pasted several previous posts  before successfully merging them so there are several duplicate posts. Apologies. Hope that explains the weirdness of this blog for those who are interested. I do appreciate your likes and comments if any come this way.

Leaping Blue Hare is produced on a second generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Earlier digital drawings were produced on the first gen iPad and iPad Air with various styli.

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