‘Desert Twilight’ (2018)

Created in Paper by 53 Pro on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. A quick drawing after my disastrous attempt at life drawing courtesy of Croquis Cafe this morning.

‘Grove’ (2018)

Trying out photo markup app Snap Markup on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil as a drawing app.  Could be a possibility. Some limitations and a few quirks at this time. Never know where you will find an app that is “draw worthy”. 😉

‘Lava’ (2018)


Created in Paper by 53 Pro with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro. After the addition of the orange and red the title came to me. The volcano activity in Hawaii must have been in the back of my mind. Hopefully the red alert will soon be recended.

‘Crab’ (2018)


Quick creation in Paper by 53 Pro on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Received an email from Paper touting the added features available in their Pro version. Always wanted different brush sizes so the yearly subscription of ten dollars is worth a try. A streak of orange watercolor seen in second photo had been sitting in one of my sketch books in Paper for several months so I thought I should do something with it. The smaller legs were obviously made using the cut and paste feature which is nice. More involved manipulation of the cut/paste capability would be nice in future updates.